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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we're waking to up wild winds, and dangerous cold this morning. storm scan3 tracking snow. when it will impact your weekend coming up. >> also, ahead need a lift? there is a new service in town. and speaking of cars, get that motor running the philadelphia auto show kicks off today. and we're take you inside, for some of the hottest rides you've never seen before.
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today is saturday january 31, good morning to you thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00, 60:00; just changed on me. let's sends it over to carol for more on the forecast, it is cold, there is more snow, yada yada, yada, carol we've heard this before. >> and back to you. that's really what it is. >> cold day today but a dry one, tomorrow we start to see wet weather moving in here. each successive modem run has brought warmer air further to the north. for those every us in the philadelphia area who do not like a lot of snow, you have probably will be pleased with that. we've got temperature of 12 degrees right now that's at the palmyra cove nature park and it is cold out there, in every single location and those temperatures of 12 out there through the palmyra cove area and also through center city, at 15, you wish it were that warm. because it feels even colder with the wind. storm scan3 no problems here. we've got just full moon almost out there looks
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beautiful this morning but it is just brutally cold at 13 in trenton, 11 in allentown eight in red willing, 14 wilmington, 15 in mill individual, 18 degrees down in wildwood just 15 degrees out at the airport in philadelphia. then we crank up those winds to about 30 miles an hour, as we find them right now t feels like a minus two outside in philadelphia. many of the one of the many, many reasons to bundle up today, and keep your pets inside. because it does not really get all that much warmer today. 25 degrees, but with the winds, it will be feeling like the single numbers, most of the time. we have a dry day today but then we start to watch the wet weather coming in here tomorrow as we go through the second half of the day, this is a look at 6:00 in the morning, or 6:00 tomorrow evening, and you can see some snow through allentown and reading, through philadelphia, we start to pick up that mix and fairly early according to these computer model runs at this point. we'll spell it all out let you know where you live, what you're likely to expect, the
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way we know things are stacking up at at this point. so, all of that just ahead nick snow. >> carol, thanks. car sharing service lyft hits the streets in philly, sim floor uber, as the smart phone app, that actually allows to you finds vehicles nearby and pay for a ride. while passengers seem happy for another ride option. "eyewitness news" reporter todd todd quinones tells us the parking authority isn't too pleased. report rot the lyft officially kick off friday night the ppa says it has done so illegally so now the ppa is threatening to go undercover, and if it catches lyft drivers they'll be fined and their vehicles impounded. it was a black tie affair friday night, in the opening of the philadelphia car show drawing hundreds. some of those people arrived using uber x another app based car service and i asked what they thought of lyft coming to town. >> it might lead to better prices for rides around town. so i'm okay with it. >> the more services that are available to people, the more competitive pricing will be,
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the better is service will become. >> the secretary pink mustache will be in seen in philadelphia as the drivers use their own personal cars, but the philadelphia parking authority isn't having any of it saying, there is no third party regulatory oversight of the company or drivers. >> anything can happen. a rape, assault, a murder, we would have no idea is driving. we don't know if he would be being driven by a criminal. >> the ppa says lyft has not gotten the approval to operate in the sit that i had has in other part of the state. but that's not stopping lyft drivers like gregory duncan from picking up customers in the city, friday night the lyft app indicated there were several drivers who are open for business. >> just the fact that i can use my car to bring in, you know extra revenue, i love it. >> mayor michael nutter says companies just simply can't operate in the city without proper licenses, but he also believes lyft is being unfairly blocked. >> the commonwealth of pennsylvania, and the parking authority, need to sit with these companies figure out how to allow them to, you
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know properly, legally and in a regulatory scheme operate. >> well, lyft says it, does conduct background checks for it drivers, in the meantime, if a lyft driver is caught operating here in philadelphia, he or she could face a fine of up to a thousand dollars. reporting in center city, todd quinones cbs-3, "eyewitness news". investigators are taking a close look at a homeland security official after a violent alter case with a man in wilmington, delaware. that agent opened fire friday morning on man trying to steel a car inside parking garage at 11th and orange. but the actions of the 32 year old man did not merit attempted carjacking charges than no criminal charges will be filed. there is an investigation underway into the federal agent's actions. >> a driver loses control crashing through the front wall after cherry hill home. "eyewitness news", on the scene, at cooper run drive crescent road, across from cherry hill east high school late friday afternoon. police say the elderly driver of that car may have hit the gas instead of the brake
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pedal. the driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution. his grand child who was in the car was not injured. four people were inside that home at the time. none in the living room where that car came barreling in. >> i just came home from school. and i was hanging out upstairs. and then i heard really loud like crashing noise. so then i went downstairs, and it was like a car in my living room. >> the family who lives in that home is now staying at a hotel. the 17 year old victim of attack on septa trolley surgery at children's hospital of philadelphia. this is the victim. her name is shea. she suffered a broken nose and black eye, in the attack on septa trial last week. forty year old damon the victim's mother, daughter encouraged by all the support she's received. >> a lot of support has really allowed her the opportunity to see the people who are real any her corner, who support
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her, who love her we've gotten outreach support from everyone around the city, and outside of the city. >> oliver, who has criminal record, was suspended from his job with the philadelphia department of parks and recreation, with the intent to dismiss. >> well, it has been a month since anyone has seen or heard from a new jersey mother of two. in the days since her husband was charged with murder. but there is still no sign of her body. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke with her family near her home in mt. laurel. >> ever kay's family said the last time they heard from the 26 jerold was on december 30th. they called police a week later after they noticed her husband, who is now in jail, repeatedly told them she was busy and would call them back. >> i think he killed kill her. >> she said she never got that call back from her big sister, and the nightmares continues in her head. >> as a sister, i don't want to completely take her out my mind and say that she is dead.
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>> but detective are confident kyle crosby killed his wife. but at this point they can't finds her body. the two have an infant together and and erica had seven year old from another relationship. >> she seven years old. and she is asking me for her mother every day. and we can't give her any answers. she is not a dumb child. >> family members say erica was last seen with crosby at pj while i hand's on december 30th. police questioned crosby after she was reported missing. then crosby disappeared for a few days. police pick him up following a traffic stop and short foot chase earlier this month. he was driving erica's missing redford forward tour us. she said she owes it to erika to find out what happened. >> people have connection to the siblings, i feel like i have a certain connection. >> the couple shared few weeks since kyle was arrested, he is behind bars on $1.2 million bail prosecutor's offers here in burlington couldn't.
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>> he they say priority to find out what happened to erica. if you have any information they encourage to you call 911-6789 reporting from mt. laurel, david spunt cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a delaware county doctor, and his receptionist, 74 year old, surrendered to authorities on friday. they are accused of providing prescriptions from their havertown offices without medical examination. in one instance, authorities say, they found a script taped to the office door. >> well, delaware's department of health says a woman in her late 20's has measles. she's from new castle county. this is delaware's first measles case since 2012. officials say the case was contracted internationally. and is not linked to a recent outbreak in the u.s. people who have had close contact with that woman will be monitored for signs of the symptoms. >> on the cbs-3 health watch this morning the flu season is reaching its peak. and the cdc says it has been
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one of the worse outbreaks in years. cbs news correspondent begat shaban report it is specially difficult for the elderly population. >> purpose e among the unlucky americans who got the flu this season, you can likely blame a particularly nasty strain called h3n2. it has a history of causing a two, three times higher hospitalization and death rate than normal. making things worse this strain mutated just after production gannon this year's vaccine. the results, a vaccine that's only 23% effective. it is hitting older patients specially hard. the cdc says this season 198 out of everyone hundred thousand people over age 65 have been hospitalized with flu-related illnesses. that's the highest number since the government began keeping track in 2005. that's because older people are usually fighting the flu at a disadvantage. >> people who are 65 years of age and up tends to have other diseases, like heart disease
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diabetes kidney disease and also the immune system as we age doesn't work quite as well. >> right now, the flu is widespread in all but six states. and although this year's vaccine not as effective health officials are still urging people to get vaccinate the. the flu season can last until may. in los angeles begat shaban, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> it is 6:11 right now. if you love the snow, you may be happy by the ends of this weekend. the areas that have the best chance for significant snowfall we'll have that coming up next. plus, one god thing about the snow coming up for us, it is great for skiers, and of course snow boarders. >> i'm car a dubois, coming up next in the tech minute, before you hit the slopes download a few apps to ensure a fun and safer daikon the mountain. stay tuned. >> i'm steve patterson live at the philadelphia auto show. i've got something to show you. check this out. this is a honda f1. and look who is in it.
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a boyhood dreams are coming true. we'll have a live report coming up. show you some of the coolest stuff from the auto show, that's next.
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>> snow on the way this weekend, carol's forecast about a minute away. some happy about the snow, skiers, snow boarders. set to hit the slopes, download some apps.
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6:16 am cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and skiers in the poconos may really like this next system we're seeing, now let's see how our weather watchers, whether they like anything we're seeing. 13 degrees temperature. that's with the wonderful ed connor. we met him just two nights ago, weather watchers university. we held right here at the station. what does very to say? well, he says, you will really feel the cold. casey only made it to the mailbox. casey his beloved 11 year old dog. ed we totally hear you we've got 12 degrees temperature. this is way out to the west, than is where we find fran, and fran says you know it is cold when the dogs come right back in. we love the animal lovers we have out here. then 14 degrees temperature. this is the to the north. notice these temperatures are all cold. phil says this morning that's cold. so cold you have to add extra o's, that is how cold it is. clear moonlit night, not as much winds.
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it was very how long winds overnight. they're starting to die down little bit. they've not died down. let's walk over on the ben franklin bridge, should we, and we find that we've got gorgeous looking start to the day, in fact, the finish of the day should look pretty nice. we have got lots of sunshine that will be here before the temperatures are cold, and we will continue to watch them stay cold, it is 15 in philadelphia, 13 trenton, 14 wilmington, 15 millville, 11 in allentown only 3 degrees in the poconos you factor in the wind, and it to feels like minus two in philadelphia, and just about every place else. now, we've been talking about this next system coming in here. just this is the overview, the way things, the computer models are stack up, mostly rain, south of philadelphia, mix of snow and rain through philadelphia, maybe even a little sleet mixed in, too. mainly snow well to the north. and that's from sunday late afternoon, evening, through monday afternoon. winter storm watch in effect in areas to the north. the lehigh valley, the
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poconos, and you could be finding there anywhere from six plus inches of snow. it will be very slow to change over. and that's why you keep your precipitation longer, and colder, and that's why it is going to be snow there. but we do not have any of those watches or warnings through the philadelphia area. let's time this out. keep your eye on the clock here i'll stop it a million times. this is a look at 4:00 sunday afternoon, subject to change as you know, we've been through this before, things do tends to change. sometimes very close to the event, if not in the event. so, this is the way the computer model says right now 4:00 in the afternoon through allentown, poconos start to see some of that snow off to the west, lancaster, do you see little bit of mix out there. so just take it easy on your sunday afternoon plans from west to north. but this moves in our direction. you don't have to move. it will come and find us. so, snow continuing through allentown, poconos we see that mix line coming through philadelphia, this is a look at 8:00 at night with some rain, and maybe even little mix to the south. that mix line is right through
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the philadelphia area, or just south of that, 10:00 o'clock on sunday night rain to the south, continuing to snow to the north that's why they've got the winner storm watch. by 1:00 in the morning still snow to the north that mix line has moved north of philadelphia, approaching the trenton area, and then, by the time we get to 7:00 monday morning, it should be rain through philadelphia, mix through the north that can be some of the worse of it, as you know, and then some snow to the north of that and wrap-around snow showers to tail this thing off and get it out of here. coating to an inch well to the south, one to 3 inches generally, the way it looks right now through philadelphia, three to six to our immediate northwest suburbs, six plus through allentown, maybe you could see as much as ten to 12 inches through the poconos. computer models, say let's put them all out finish this entire storm only one says we see 5 inches every snow in philadelphia, everybody else says it is a .10 of an inch of snow. so i think one to three is probably going to safely get us through the philadelphia
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area, on this next one that starts sunday evening. but, remember the ice. the ice is the possibility. mix withing that sleet and that freezing rain, and you can't totally rule that out through philadelphia either. just as sleep possibly mixing in. twenty-five today, just cold, blustery today feeling like the single numbers. tonight, 20 degrees, very, very cold, as our weather watch ers are doing before you know it, bring those pets inside. we love. that will now as we look at the next couple of days, temperatures every place. above freezing, below freezing, 35 on monday, that's when the rain, the snow, the mix comes in. tuesday, we end up at 20 degrees, look at tuesday night, 10 degrees. wednesday, 39 but there could be a snow shower chance late wednesday maybe on thursday. so we will watch that one too. but just cold day today coming up. you know you can track the weather any time. all do you have do is download the cbs philly weather app. you can get live radar there. i use this all the time when i'm off on the roads. so you can track the storms as they move through our area, download the app, you can do
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it right now on google play and itunes. nicole? >> carol thank you. well, all morning long, we've been showcasing the vehicles that await you, at the auto show, opening in just about three hours. now, those vehicles, include two that have never before been seen in this area. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is live at the convention center with a look at that. steve, you've been in all of these vehicles, just having great old time out there. >> nicole, i just sat in a honda f1. this is boyhood dream come true. right here, at the auto show, and about three hours as you mentioned, maybe 40,000 people they'll have for opening day. so this is a huge, huge deal, not only for the people that want to come in and check out some cool stuff but also for the dealers getting the first eyes on, and some of the hottest cars, and a lot of that marketing goes into this huge huge tremendous day joining us, kevin. hype kevin. executive director of philadelphia auto show, tell us what is this thing?
6:22 am
>> this is a nissan titan pick up. it is a 2016. just came out of detroit. east coast debut. again, seeing something that you can't see other than at the show t gives example of nissan getting back into the pick up market. the pick up market is a huge, huge market in the united state. top three selling vehicles in the united states were the f150 silver add owe chevy silver add owe the ram 1500. so it shows, you know, how important pick up sales are for the manufacturers. and you take a look at these pickups, you can get pickups from 25,000 to 60,000, depending upon, you know, how they're configured, the luxury ants you put on them. >> that's surprising to me, obviously we've bounced back from the recession we've come a long way in the economy. but some people, especially must be concerned about gas prices, and when you talk about something like, you know like there is or any of the top vehicles you mentioned, that must play into it? >> you know, that is correlation between gas prices and consumer choice. >> sure. >> two things can happen with
6:23 am
that. at these gas prices, about 250, people will save about $700 a year, in petro. and the final thing is that they take a look and say that's 50, $06 a month. people look at monthly payment, that could put you into a bigger vehicle can put in you different appointment so really take a look at how that affect, the others, maybe miles per gallon won't be as high in that decision process and the variables you use to evaluate what vehicle you're going to purchase. >> ram plus people just like to have the size, they have families, it is not all just like construction work and that casino every thing. i mean, do you have make those decisions, you know, if you're with a family. >> prius will not take me to the shore with four kids and all of the luggage and everything i have. so there is a need for these types every vehicles. it is a very, very important market for the manufacturers. >> you know, we see those top three vehicles as you mentioned, that is surprising to me, but like the f150 has been a seller forever correct. >> predominantly the top seller in the country now made out of aluminum, 800 pounds lighter so see
6:24 am
what's being brought to the table in this nitch from the manufacturers, very important and nissan now has a great entry into that marketplace. >> kevin, thank you so much. we'll keep it moving one more every these we'll do. we're having great time this morning, my gosh, this is fantastic. so we'll come back to you show you more of the auto show and more of the stuff that you just can't see anywhere. back to you, nicole? >> steve, i suspect we'll see you in yet another car coming up at about 6:30, thank you. it is 6:24 right now. kevin costner returns to the big screen in a film that tackles racism in america. we'll hear from him and his oscar winning co-star octavia spencer, that's next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> well, kevin costner back in his latest film taking on racism in america. movie black or white now open in theatres. suzanne marquette has it for you. >> like i say you're all welcome to come visit. >> you don't want her down here with black folk. >> don't start with that. >> kevin costner and octavia spencer tackle racism in the new family drama black or white. >> this isn't about black and white. all right? this is about right and wrong. >> costner and spencer play grandparents fighting for custody of their mixed race granddaughter. >> this movie at its heart about the welfare after child then what happens is when both sides go at each other and one side foles like they're going to lose, race can become a tool. >> the film's stars say the movie's message is more relevant than ever. >> i just can't believe that
6:28 am
this conversation, what this film does, i think, it is opened the doors to conversations that need to be had. >> the issue is this man doesn't want our family and our baby girl's life, and we just need to be. >> costner invested his own money to get the film made. >> i shouldn't be doing it, but i do it when i can't fall out of love with something, i have to do something about that. >> he hopes the movely help change people's perspective. susan marquez cbs news, hollywood. >> and still ahead on "eyewitness news", a live look at storm scan3 and the making of a sunday snow makers, forming in the southwest. the timing and the amounts and the latest on the dangerous cold this morning it is all straight ahead. stay with us.
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>> today is saturday january 31st, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer, it is 6:31, right now let's sends it over to carol for more on this forecast, lots headed our way carol? >> yes, so cold this morning as you know, nicole. you were out in the bitter cold, in the overnight. 15 degrees, right now through center city philadelphia. it is even colder, though, in some spots. and that doesn't even factor in the winds. looks beautiful in broad heads ville. and that's up through the poconos, but 8 degrees, your temperature there, winds are coming out of the northwest at 6 miles an hour, but they are
6:32 am
gusting far higher than that, we're seeing wind gusts around the 30-mile per hour mark, just beautiful start to the day, though. and as we take a look at other things that are going on in our area, well, not much in the way of cloud cover. storm scan3 not showing really too much of that at all. we have no precipitation, that is likely to change, though, a we head into tomorrow late afternoon and evening. temperatures are so cold. 15 degrees philadelphia, 13 in trenton, 14 in wilmington, 18 in wildwood. that is the warmest temperature out there. 18 degrees, the coldest three, then you factor in the wind, feels like minus two in philadelphia. minus one in trenton. minus two in wilmington. it is a cold, cold morning out there. and a cold afternoon. stays well below freezing all day. feels even colder than that. 25 degrees, will be the high temperature today. with some sunshine, but the windchills will be down to about 11 degrees, that's how it will feel most of the day. our future weather by 7:00, still looking at clear skies. but by the time we get to sunday, this is 1:00 in the afternoon, still dry few
6:33 am
clouds coming in, and then by the time we hit 6:00 we start to see some precipitation pushing in from the west. we'll continue the time line, let you know what we expect in philadelphia with this particular system the way things are stacking up right now, and that's just ahead. nicole? >> carol, thank you. well, new this morning csx train jumps the tracks near 11th and pad son in south philadelphia. this is what it look like earlier near the wachovia center. officials tell cbs-3 nearly dozen cars were leaning off the rales there. now, it is not clear what that train was hauling but hazmat crews checked out the scene and found it to be safe. we're told in one was injured. so, some good news there. >> well, fire fight remembers call back out to scene on the 100 block of west seymour street in germantown. it began around midnight, with the fire in a row home. that blaze was brought under control, but rekindle overnight. firefighters have since gained the upper hand, no one was hurt, but part of the home is now in danger of collapsing. well, an e-mail creates controversy on the main line.
6:34 am
bryn mawr college is facing a fire storm on social media after a to sent an e-mail to overweight student ties ago fitness program. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco tells us some student call that e-mail unethical. >> targeted for their weight, student at bryn mawr college were asked to enroll in weight loss program based on their body mass index. the health center used its records to identify student with higher bmi's and in a e-mail, told them, they qualified for a special health health and wellness program could enroll for physical he had action credits including council, group support personalized fitness plan jr. student said some of her friends got the e-mail. >> they didn't see themselves as being overweight, so the fact it was targeting them, telling them that they are kind of put theirself he is app down. >> the story gained national attention when neighboring swarthmore college highlighted the e-mail targeted give a hoot in their school paper the phoenix. student took to facebook,
6:35 am
expressing their concerns, and outrage. >> since social media is so big for us, there is big social media presence. so i guess you could say that -- >> it spread quickly. >> it definitely spread quickly. >> the health center director issued apology snake part while this program has been offered successfully in the pales there is semester several student event taken issue with some of the communication that were used, to invite students to take advantage of this opportunity. on behalf of everyone involved with this program i sincerely apologize to anyone who has been upset or offended by our communication, i opportunity reassure the community we will rethink our assumptions moving forward. >> i think it will be handled quickly. >> while the college has apologized they say this program is now in its third year, and some students have decided to take advantage of it. bryn mawr college campus, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, by the way there was similar controversy at lincoln university in chester county. 2006 the university required student with a bmi of 30 or more to complete a physical
6:36 am
fitness class in order to graduate. now, that requirement was dropped in 2009. the university said the intention was to spread the message people in school need more physical activity. pennsylvania state treasurer, rock mccord, admitting he commit add crime. threatening campaign donors if they didn't crib to his failed campaign for governor last year. now, he apologize in the videotaped statement released by his lawyer. >> i stepped over the line, by trying to take advantage of the fact that two potential contributors hope to continue to do business with the commonwealth. and by developing talking points to reminds them that i could make things difficult for them, i owe sinkly said that the potential contributors should not risk making an enemy of the state treasurer. clearly, that was wrong. i was wrong. >> mccord's attorneys say he will plead guilty to certain federal charges. now, mccord's resignation is official. governor wolf said in a statement that this type of behavior leads to the errosion of the public's trust, it is simply unacceptable.
6:37 am
i stand firm in my commitment to restore the public's trust in their government. therefore, i will act as quickly as possible to present a nominee to the senate of the highest caliber and capability. well, the house democratic caucus wrapped up its conference in philadelphia with a pep talk from vice president joe biden. the vice president spoke to fellow democrats at the sheridan society hill. it comes a day after president obama spoke to that group. now, the theme of this year's issues conference was grow america's economy grow american paychecks. >> the middle class does well, you although in, the wealth dow very well, this is not about anti-accumulation every wealth. and the poor have a way up. that's the way we built this economy, from middle out not from the top down. >> vice president biden urged democrats to be open to compromise with the republican majority to get things done. well, hey, whether you're rooting for the seahawks or the patriots, everyone seems to agree tomorrow's game will be pretty close one.
6:38 am
terry okita is in glendale, arizona where she spoke with players on both sides. >> reporter: this could be one of the closest superbowl contests ever with no real underdog it may come down to who has got the most grit. >> play every play hard. play every play tough. because i know they'll be bringing it, and you just got to react at how the game is going. >> both the patriots and seahawks have been do this dance before. seattle's co-captain predict fourth quarter dog fight. >> we expect to come down to the wire and we're poised for that we're ready moore. >> seattle hoping for back-to-back championships. if that happens they'll be the first team since new england in 2004 and 2005 to repeat. >> is it going to come down to a match up of wills. >> i believe so. i don't think it is going to come down to x's and o's might and little bit about x's and o's but at the ends of the day i think it is about winning 101 match up. >> the patriots say a slow start to the season builds
6:39 am
characters and bonding team team members. >> you know, nobody put their head down when things were tough, nobody pointed fingers. everybody just got back to work. >> now the patriots and seahawks each have one more game to win. in glendale, arizona terry okita, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, the tickets you saw at the ends of terri ' story there, costing more than ever before. the average price for a ticket is going to cost you nearly $3,600. can you believe this? according to seat geek, that's up about a thousand bucks more than last year. some tickets going for as much as $25,000? are you kidding me? that is crazy! i hope it is a good game, that's all i have to say. 6:39. still ahead on "eyewitness news", how some south jersey police departments are adding to the force and saving money. but first, here's steve patterson live at the philly auto show. steve? >> reporter: nicole, you can find me down in one of the
6:40 am
coolest rooms of the auto show. if you come on down, we've got -- we're on the escalator. come on down check out this showroom. we will bring you here, tell you about some of the luxury vehicles in the auto show, some of the coolest stuff that you can see we'll have that for i after the break. >> sounded more like the price is right, steve. thanks we'll get back to you. and bitter cold temperatures this morning we're also bracing for some snow, by sunday we'll have the latest timing and the amounts coming up next. thank you for being a sailor and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended
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>> officer to save some money, "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan has the details on these part-time officers. >> court security duty is the first step in what eric hopes will be a long police career. >> a great opportunity to get my foot in the door. and learn how to, you know, become a full-time police offerser. >> a class two officer step blown sworn officer. egg harbor township one of several police departments to expands using class two officers which have traditionally work in beach towns during the summer. >> they don't supplement the officer, but do supplement them taking limit limited duties off the things to help on the streets. >> cape may county police academy which serves departments throughout new jersey has 40% increase in demand for class two officers. they save towns money with typical starting pay around
6:44 am
$15 an hour and no benefits. hamilton township laid off 13 full-time officers in 2011 and have an increased their rolls. they have five class two's that do prisoner transport and court secure. >> i it is not full time five day a week job so part time officers and there is a savings. >> there are serious concerns about class two officers? mainlands president says class two expansion hinders full-time hires, and class two's don't have legal protection provided by unions. >> potential is there for them to be abused, because they'll do whatever, whatever it is that is asked of them to obtain a full-time position. >> experts see the trends of hiring part-time police as only continuing to grow. new jersey law allows for up to 25% of police force to be class two officers. in egg harbor township, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, it is 6:44 right now, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and vanita meyer join us with a preview, good morning.
6:45 am
>> hey nicole, good morning. coming up: army of mutant mosquitosment health officials considering releasing genetically modified insect into the population. why are they doing it? and concerns some are voicing. >> then they say it is it is on line it lives forever. that's not entirely true. finds out how one company is trying to save our on line history before it is delighted for good. >> and he was moments from death. he was told he would never work an nfl game again. now, this official is overseeing the biggest game of the year. his incredible story. >> all that plus your eye-opener, the dish and muse nick our saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning. saturday. >> you can add me to the list every those people who are concerned about the mutant mosquitos. those things look huge! geez. >> after you watch the story i think you'll be less concerned. >> thanks for the preview guys we appreciate t. >> 6:45? just about two hours, the philadelphia auto show opens its doors to the public. all morning long we've been
6:46 am
inside the convention center sneak peak at what you'll see "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson having little too much fun from the convention center this morning, steve, did you save the best for last? what's going on? >> reporter: we saved the best for last, nicole. this may not be the vehicle of my dreams but we are driving this morning, at the philadelphia auto show, heading into the showroom behind you and it is going to look so cool. because this is kinds of the lexus, the bmw the mercedes, this is really the cool kind of high-end automobile show floor. this part i really like. this, by the way what's this? >> rcf. it has v8 grad addition to the lexus line up that pearlesque and orange should be mobbed when everyone gets here at 9:00 a.m. it will rock. >> and we'll have a loft people here this morning. this is kevin with the philadelphia auto show. what are we expecting as far as you know, people coming
6:47 am
and checking out this part? i didn't even know this part of the show existed. >> yes, the grand hall, the olds train shed, it is one of the most beautiful building areas in the country to see and display the automobiles. and what you're seeing over there, is the mercedes gt2016. again, not seen on the east coast, goes zero to 60 in under four seconds. that's what's cool about the show from pick-up trucks, to classics to exotics to lexus, to everything is here at the show. and you'll see great amount of people coming in here this morning, and seeing all of these great vehicles. >> there is just so much variety. we started in the classic cars, then we hit some of the con september cars, now here checking out some of the more higher end mercedes, the lexus. what is your favorite part? i mean what really pops to you? >> yes, my favorite part is those kids coming in this morning and looking at the exotics. the show is part of the fabric of philadelphia, you know, the
6:48 am
dad, the grandfather they took themselves, now taking the grandsons. and you will see that this morning when we come. the other, charitable organization, in the sense of $2 for every ticket sold goes to the caring for kids foundation, the auto dealers caring for kids foundation, doing something new this year. it is a hashtag caring 2015. and it is a dollar for everybody that uses that hashtag, and up loads that picture, because it is a very visual show. grief thousands, ten of thousands of dollars will be generated by people up load withing that hashtag. >> basically what you do, take a self me? >> yes, take selfie, put that hashtag on there for everyone we can count goes a dollar to the foundation that helps about 180,000 new coats to kids over the last seven years, great way for us to give back for all of the people that support the show. >> let me tell you, this is probably the best place in the country right now to take a selfie. i've been doing it all over the show floor. so starts in about two hours. how many people do you expect? what casino every crowds? about about 250,000 over the nine days, about 40,000 here on saturday.
6:49 am
and we'll go all the way through next sunday. so, it is the place to be. it is the garage ma hal. >> the garage mahal my friend, i love it. this has been fantastic morning, thank you so much for having us. i don't know if you saw me, in f1 at one point just may bring that up few more times when get back there, nicole. check it out, doors open, on until next sunday, philadelphia called owe show we send it back to you. >> thanks, steve. hashtag caring 2015, the selfie right here, kevin and myself so, check off the list hope others will join in, that as well. >> that's cool, that's cool. >> kevin told me you guys did that that's really cool. >> we had good day yesterday. thanks, steve. once again the auto show kicks off today runs through february 8th at the convention center. if you are planning to go out there we do have everything you need to know on oh we've got a nice day today, if you like it cold and windy. our eyewitness weather watch
6:50 am
remembers weighing in with their take on what we're finding so far. how about a 12 degrees temperature for robert out in clementon? and he has to say that winds are gusting to 30 miles an hour, very cold, and with the winds, it feels like below zero. he's totally on target with that all over the area, the temperatures feel like they are below zero, 14 degrees, the actual thermometer reading, for my co-anchor dolores lee met her couple of days ago weather watchers university here, at the studios, she says not as windy, clear and very, very cold. so the winds will be diminishing as we go through the day. but, it will still be breezy around here, then 11 degrees temperature cold for steve johnson. what's he say? caught him an operate mills. feels like dry cold. well, right now it is a dry hacking cold perhaps. let's take a look, we've got some brightening going on right now and it is going to look very pretty out there. as we head on overthrew center city walking along, in a very cold but bright start to the
6:51 am
day, the sun is coming up. no clouds out there right now. so the look of the day will be spectacular. it is just a feel of the day that won't be so great. storm scan3 no clouds here at all, you might finds couple up north of scranton, but that's it for today. one of the reasons these temperatures got as low as they did anything that we built up heat wise yesterday which wasn't much, but all left, and now we're left with 15 degrees philadelphia, 13, trenton, 14 degrees in wilmington. the cold air is definitely here with the winds it feels like it is minus two in philadelphia. now, the next system, so because today's quiet let's get right to sunday late afternoon, evening and right into monday afternoon. the way things are looking right now more warm air is working in. and that means mainly rain through south jersey, and most of delaware, rain-snow mix possible through philadelphia, mainly snow to the north where it may take a little longer for any kind of change-over to come. winter storm watch in effect, from sunday evening, until
6:52 am
monday afternoon and that is for the lehigh valley, and the poconos for six plus inches of snow. but again these storms are evolving. so, we have to -- that's how it looks right now. that doesn't mean tomorrow we're going to be saying the same thing at this point. but that's how it looks right now. future weather let's time this out, with the latest computer guidance, and it says that by 5:00 sunday see snow through the allentown area, the rest of philadelphia, not seeing anything. >> 8:00, rain through south jersey? the possibility of some mix in here, some sleet some snow through philadelphia. >> snow through allentown, red being, do we see the warmer air coming in by 11:00 at night, could be finding freezing rain in some spots we could be finding that mix going on, snow to the north. this is a look at 1:00 in the morning with the mix line right through philadelphia. this computer model, this is a change, wants to brit warmer air pretty far north even by monday morning. so, this storm is evolving.
6:53 am
it is not set in stone yet. what is happening and then it wants to wrap this up, and bring maybe some icing up through the poconos, and then, out of here, with the possibility of some wrap around snow. so that's a change, just since we've been on the air, how far north the warm air goes. it says even warmer, to the north. but, let's call it a coating to inch, south of philadelphia, one to three tops through philadelphia, the possibility of six plus through the lehigh valley and point north of that, and the computer models are saying right now basically from 5 inches to basically nothing through philadelphia. let's keep it at the one to three. also remember the chance of some icing in some spots, real fry philadelphia north, if you get a little mix this there. no guarantee of that, this is evolving system. we'll continue to see thousand evolves as we get closer to it. 25 degrees today. feeling like the single numbers, 20 tonight pets in, coats on, you guys make sure these heat remembers work, you're going to need it, because we've got some cold
6:54 am
weather coming up. we've got some wet weather starting sunday late afternoon-evening right through monday, and then the temperatures start to nose dive again, 20 by tuesday but dry, wednesday 39, but thursday we could be dealing with another snow shower, today just windy and cold. do you love watching the weather? well, you, too, can be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now and we'll be right back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> check out the snow boarding action last night as jack frost big boulder in the poconos. i mean, these are the kinds of folks who just live for this weather, carol always looking out for your forecast and hoping there is some sort of precipitation and
6:57 am
accumulation, so they've got to be just loving it, what's ahead this weekend at leagues some people do. >> some people do, yes. specially in the poconos apparently lehigh valley and north where we have the winter storm watch picking up most of this, could be 6 inches every snow, but again, this is evolving system. so do you see that much? we'll have to continue to monitor. >> this but that's the way it looks right now. >> winter storm watch, lehigh valley north sunday on. for philadelphia for the system coming up tomorrow one-3 inches of snow probably thomas again, changeable system, 25 and very windy today. >> monday is groundhog day. >> it doesn't seem that way. >> cbs-3 "eyewitness news", we will sign off for now. cbs this morning say saturday is
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it's january 31st 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." a winter storm gets ready to pile on. how millions still digging out could see up to another foot of snow. plus mitt romney says no to 2016. what that means for the rest of the republican field. federal health officials get ready to release mutant mosquitos into the wild. he was near death and told he would never work a game again. the nfl referee that went from hospital bed to the sports' biggest stage. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your w


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